Jazinga: Funny Name, Killer Product Concept for Small/Home Businesses

logoAre you a small business who wants to make a big impression with your phone system? If so, check out Jazinga, the so called “No IT-guy required” phone system. In basic terms, Jazinga gives small businesses a high-end phone system that includes features such as an automated attendant, company directory, individual voicemail boxes, and voicemail to email. Additionally, the Jazinga box includes wireless networking, fax and email.

Many business want to install and configure their own VoIP systems to enhance the functionality of their phone systems. Such systems are very, very expensive to install and maintain. Alternatively, Asterisk provides an open source (free software) PBX system, but to use it you have to be a wise phone geek and have copious amounts time to invest in implementing the system.

Jazinga aims to fill this void by supposedly simple to buy, install, and maintain. The box can use your own VoIP or standard landline for calling in and out. Additionally, a few of the features Jazinga provides are:

  • Auto Attendant – “Press 1 for John, Press 2 for Sarah”.
  • Free voicemail with voicemail-to-email: have your voicemails sent to your inbox for portability.
  • Music-on-hold: upload your mp3s so you can have music playing for incoming callers on hold.
  • Simulanious ring: have an incoming call ring multiple phones so you never miss a call.

I just received a Jazinga box to put through its paces. I’ll post status updates as I try out this box and will post a full review upon the conclusion of my trials.