Google Makes a Further Mobile Play with Picasa

Google is no stranger to the mobile web optimized sites and applications. Even before Android was announced, Google has carried a heavy presence in the mobile world, producing applications such as Mobile Gmail, Google Maps for Mobile, Google Calendar Sync for BlackBerry for many mobile platforms including BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows Mobile, and iPhone.

The company took a step further in the mobile space by announcing the availability of Picasa Web Albums for the Nokia S60 platform. Also, addressing the international nature of the mobile web, Google translated Picasa Web Albums into 36 languages. Far too many times I see US based web sites only addressing the English speaking market and maybe 2 or 3 other languages; so I’m happy to see them translate Picasa Web Albums to so many different languages.

Additionally, It’s fantastic to see Google embracing S60 with Picasa Web Albums. Since the iPhone debuted almost a year ago, numerous mobile web sites have made made optimized versions for Apple’s mobile phone, neglecting the other (dominant) mobile platforms.

The new Picasa Web Albums looks fantastic and has added AJAX features, faster browsing times, and a more usable interface. Check out the screenshot below, and to get to Picasa Web Albums, just jump to in your mobile browser.


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