Tries Social Aggregation

As I posted on GigaOM is trying to get into the social aggregation space. Currently the market dominated by FriendFeed which has gained an amazing among popularity amongst the web 2.0 crowd. Today’s news follows the NetworthIQ news from earlier this month.

The service aims to take the social media aggregation FriendFeed offers to the next level by offering social recommendations on top of it. The company aims to use your friends as a filter to “hot” content you’ll be interested in.

Along with giving you pointers to content you might be interested in, the new will allow you to build a ‘taste profle’ to enable you to take your profile with you to other sites to further personalize those other services.

To highlight social media items to you, has “Hot Posts” that will allow you to see what’s hot within your social group and allow you to see new things based on what your friends are suggesting. Also, you can set groups and have granularity to which groups see what materials in your stream. To additionally filter out content, users can show content based on content type. That is, if you only want to see your friends’ music items, you can have just this filtered data shown to you.

Does this type of service interest you, or is it just ANOTHER site to sign up for and adopt?