Microsoft Wants To Own 40% of SmartPhone Market

I almost had a hernia from laughing so hard when I read this in my newsreader this morning. According to Symbian Freak, Microsoft wants to attain 40% market share of the smartphone market by 2012. I’m sorry Microsoft, but you’re a loser in the mobile field. Between the Apple iPhone, Nokia s60 devices (which currently hold 40% worldwide market share), RIM BlackBerrys, and upcoming Google Android devices, Microsoft Windows Mobile is a clear outsider in this market.

Personally, I have tried each of these platforms and Windows Mobile is the slowest, buggiest, and unstable mobile phone operating system in the current market. Windows also does not have an eye in making a cohesive user experience. This is a space Apple is winning hands down, currently.

If you disagree, I look forward to a lively discussion in the comments 🙂