DropBox makes sharing files super easy

Om just posted a review on a fabulous product for sharing files between your computers. DropBox is a service that allows you to easily move documents and files between your different machines. If you have ever used .Mac, this service feels a lot like iDisk.

screenshotAvailable for Mac and Windows, DropBox integrates with your finder or Windows Explorer. All the files in your dropbox are saved in online folders. Even if you save a file from your home machine and try to access it at work with your home computer offline, the files are still available. Also, files are kept in version control, meaning you can see all changes to a file over time.

DropBox is an excellent alternative to carrying around a USB data key or emailing your files back and forth. Right now the service is in private beta.

Nerdy note: DropBox feels like your own personal subversion being hosted by a service. I understand they use Amazon’s S3 and EC2 service on the back-end.

(photo courtesy: getdropbox.com)