Qik is an awesome mobile app for your Nokia Nseries phone

qik logoI have been trying to get Qik installed on my Nokia N81 8GB ever since reading Scoble’s experience with the software last week.

For those of you unaware, Qik is software that allows you to stream live video from your Nokia NSeries’ webcam, complete with audio. Qik uses the data plan on your mobile phone for network. 3G with AT&T is probably the best way to go, but I’ll be using T-Mobile‘s EDGE data access and wi-fi, when I’m in range of an access point.

Think ustream.tv, but in your pocket, making you able to do live video casts whenever the mood strikes you. This has major implications. You can do your own live video conference or shoot live video whenever you want. You can become your own live news story if per chance you see a burning building or car accident.

Eager to try Qik out, I went on the site, entered in my phone number, and waited for the introductory SMS to come to my phone. The SMS never came, so I emailed Qik support. After a while, the introductory SMS came so I fired up my mobile browser and verified my phone number through their mobile web system. I was then told I’d have to wait for another SMS with a link to the application install file. That SMS never came so again I emailed Qik support. I heard back from a Qik person and was off and running!

I fired up the Qik application and since I was at home, told Qik to use my wi-fi. Having Qik.com up on my mac, within 3 seconds I saw the video and heard the noises that I was making in the room coming through my web-connected computer. pretty freaky to think I can do a live video cast from my mobile phone and make it available to web users who go to my qik site.

The next test…how would Qik work over EDGE, considering it has only a fraction of the bandwidth as my wi-fi. Well, I reset the Qik application after specifying T-Mobile’s edge connection and again I saw my video streaming live on the web. The delay was only 5-7 seconds…not much worse than the wi-fi uplink from before.

At this point I’d say Qik is easily a disruptive technology. At any point in time I can fire up Qik and do on-the-go interviews or videocasts. How amazing!

This also speaks volumes for the Nokia Nseries hardware platform. Qik was able to use the Nokia because of it’s great built-in camera, wi-fi (or cellular data access), and open Symbian operating system as a platform for building this fantastic application.

I’m so excited!

PS: I found Qik’s tech support team, notably Bhaskar Roy to be very helpful! Thanks guys!!

2 comments on “Qik is an awesome mobile app for your Nokia Nseries phone
  1. just wanted to comment – i first found out about this application on howardforums.com just before the christmas holiday – so far, we’ve had nothing but good experiences with it – what fun!

    and i also wanted to note that bhaskar roy is really great – he sought out our forum and joined just to answer any questions about the app

    to put an app out like this – at no cost to the users – AND to offer some great customer service on top of it – its just something you dont see very often any more – and its very welcomed

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