One take on the top technologies of 2007

It’s no joke, 2007 will go down as a SWEET year in technology. Jim Courtney over at Skype Journal has posted some of his highlights from the past 365 days. Here are the ones I agree with wholeheartely:

  • Nokia N95 and N81 8GB: I introduced myself to the Nokia/Symbian platform for the first time this year and it has blown my mind and changed my perspective on the mobile telephony market. I recently received a Nokia N81 8GB from the Nokia Blogger Relations Program and I have loved having all my music with me. Kind of like an iPhone, but not locked down to *any* carrier, notably AT&T (like the crippled iPhone).
  • Google-enabled BlackBerry: using Google mobile services on a Blackberry is a great fit. Google Talk and Gmail are seamless on this device. I haven’t been able to try it, but the Google Calendar plugin makes the BlackBerry an even more useful window into my google online life.
  • Using my home network IP address. I have recently enabled my Linksys Linux powered router to let me VPN into it. So if I’m at a coffee shop or otherwise unknown wireless network, I can VPN into my own network and surf a little more securely. Not bad for a $50 router.

2007 has been such an amazing year in technology. I’m so anxious to see what 2008 has to offer!