Verizon Wireless is opening up

This morning I was on a conference call right now with Verizon Wireless as they were announcing “Any Apps, Any Device”. Bascially it means in 2008 they’ll take any CDMA device and application as long as it means their basic technical requirements. Additionally, Verizon wants developers to write applications for their platform. This is pretty big news coming from a wireless carrier who before this was very closed.

Unfortunately this ‘open network’ from Verizon is based on CDMA standards, not the more globally adopted GSM standards that most of the world enjoys. I am more a fan of Nokia’s “Open” platform that includes the Symbian operating system and a GSM platform that can be utilized anywhere in the world via GSM.

My thoughts: Verizon Wireless is reacting to outside market forces including the Nokia/Symbian platform as well as the Google Open Handset Alliance. They are likely trying to position themselves for a win in the upcoming 700 Mhz auction. There was a lot of jargon involved and I don’t think this new offering from Verizon will mean much when the rubber hits the road.