Skype coming out with their own hybrid cell phone

skype logoSkype, the darling of VoIP, is taking a very proactive role in mobile communications and are about to release their own hybrid cell/wi-fi phone. Up until this point, Skype has worked with other parties to bring Skype away from the desktop computer. Examples of this include:

  • partnering to make wi-fi phones with Belkin, Netgear and others
  • releasing skype software for Nokia’s N800 and newly release N810.
  • developing skype software for Windows Mobile

I recently received a Nokia N95 and have been playing with Fring, an app that allows you to sign into skype, gizmo project, any SIP service, and many more. Fring works fine over wi-fi and 3G (with AT&T here in the USA), but it does not function well over T-Mobile’s edge connection.

But now, Skype is working with European telco 3 to create a Skype phone that will easily transition from 3G to wi-fi, depending on which connection is available. The Skype phone, according to sources, will support HSDPA so theoretically it would work well here in the US where AT&T 3G is available. Initially the Skype phone will be available in Britain, Italy, Hong Kong, and Australia.

Lets keep our fingers crossed for a US release soon.

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