Ignite Portland debrief

Last night, my buddy Kevin and I attended Ignite Portland. Ignite is a presentation event that has an innovative way of pitching an idea or message. Presenters get 5 minutes and prepare 20 slides and get 15 seconds per slide. The PowerPoint is set on a timer so if you don’t finish your slide, you lose out.

The topics range from how to pitch idea to a VC to unwilding (just look it up).  I have to say that the presenters were way more memorable than their messages. Everyone did a fantastic job.

The event was held in downtown PDX at Weiden+Kennedy, just about the coolest facility we could have held this thing. Great job to Josh, Raven, and Dawn – you guys were awesome.

It was great to meet some twitter peeps that I’ve met over the last few months including @verso and @ahockley.

5 comments on “Ignite Portland debrief
  1. I just read about this cool way to present in Wired a few months ago, called Pecha Kucha. I have been working on a couple of these type presentations for work. Making these presentations is much more difficult then the traditional mind-numbing presentations, but hopefully more effective!

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