Comcast’s actions make lady take matters into her own hands (literally)

A 75-year old woman, who merely wanted to get some cable service from Comcast, was driven nuts by the company’s lack of customer service. So nuts, in fact, she decided to take a hammer to a customer service agents keyboard and computer. Mona Shaw, of Virginia, tried to get Comcast’s Triple Play installed at her home. For those of you who don’t know, Comcast triple play is their combined cable/internet/phone service package.

After the installer didn’t show up, she tried to go down to her local comcast (I call ’em Comcrap) office to complain and asked for a manager. She was told she’d have to wait and she did. for two hours! After being told that manager had gone home for the day she went home steaming. The next day, she came back, with a hammer.

Ms. Shaw was given a $345 fine, three-month suspended sentence, and a year-long restraining order keeping her away from the Comcast office.

I’ve felt mad enough to do the same thing, I think it’s funny someone finally did it to Comcast. They have *terrible* customer service, some of the worst in the tech industry.

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