Tech stock news: one up and one down

Wow what a couple of days for two particular tech stocks that I follow., the great online retailer, reported that their net profit is up 250% when compared to the same quarter last year. WOW! I’m a firm believer in Amazon’s business model and I use their services as often as possible. Check ’em out – their symbol is AMZN.

On the flip side, another tech firm I’m a customer of, Netflix reported some not-so-good news yesterday. For the first time in the companies’ history, they had a loss in the number of subscribers. They are facing some competition from Blockbuster. However, BB has a huge overhead to account for and Netflix is known for their operational excellence. I agree with the market that Netflix is in a but of a rut right now, but Reed Hastings will see them out of it. For your reference, their ticker symbol is NFLX.