Sunrocket’s demise affects me

So Sunrocket is going down in flames. The dslreports forums and GigaOM are reporting that the company is shutting it’s doors.

Great, just fricking great! This is really bad for two reasons. First and foremost, I have my number with them and I’m actively trying to port it away from Sunrocket to a new VoIP provider I just signed up with.

Secondly this brings down the WAF (wife acceptance factor) in VoIP. I had to market VoIP to my wife, and now this shows the volatility in her trusting me on this. We signed up for a $199 per year with a free extra year deal. We had to front the 200 bucks for the luxury of having super cheap phone service. Also, the wife didn’t want to do this, and now I’ve got egg on my face.

I have loved VoIP thus far and I hope my new provider will be good. I feel really bad for those who were laid off from Sunrocket and I with all them the best. I have some friends and family members who I have to go and hopefully get their numbers saved from Sunrocket’s demise.