I’m in the Wall Street Journal!

My phone rang yesterday and on the other end was a reporter named Samar Srivastava from the Wall Street Journal. Apparently he saw my post about the demise of Sunrocket and wanted to get a customer’s point of view on the debacle.

I spoke with him for about 15 minutes. When we were wrapping up the phone call he wasn’t sure if the story would run or not, but to my surprise it ran today, on page B9 of your Wall Street Journal.

Here’s my excerpt:

“SunRocket customers were irate. “I feel really disappointed and let down,” said Jason Harris, a Web developer in Portland, Ore., and a SunRocket subscriber for the past year. He says he plans to switch to ViaTalk, a division of HostRocket.com Inc., because he has read good things about it.”

Go ahead and read the whole article. I’m pretty stoked.