Steve Jobs is a friggen genius, here’s why

This afternoon it’s hitting the web that Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, held a meeting this morning and announced to all Apple employees that everyone who has been working there for at least a year would receive a free 8GB iPhone. Other internet rumors are suggesting even Apple store employees are getting in on the action.

This move, in my eyes, is a unbelievably smart in many ways. Not only does he reward everyone at Apple for their hard work, he instantly made thousands of people into instant iPhone evangelists. How can you talk about (and sell) a product if you don’t have first-hand knowledge of what it is like to live with it day-to-day? Stevie J just recruited lots of little salespeople with his grandiose move. Also, it builds in employee loyalty, something that cannot be measured!

I have worked at tech companies before and suggest that they give employees a reward similar to this. I think the benefits outweigh the Bill of Materials cost that would be assumed.

Now I wish I worked at Apple even more!