GrandCentral adds calling out options, but it’s not good enough.

In this blog post, Grandcentral talks about how they have added ways to call out and have your Grandcentral number show up as the originating CallerID. This is a feature I’m very excited about, but I don’t like their methods so far which include:

1) calling out by clicking a button, which requires being signed on to their site

2) calling out using your mobile smart phone, which requires a $40/month data plan on your mobile

or 3) while in a voicemail that someone has left, hitting 2 to call them back.

What I’d like to see is: a way to dial outbound while NOT being tied to either a PC or smartphone (I have neither). How about being able to dial in to your GC number and then dialing out again through some sort of tone-sensing system?

That would be a great feature.

NOTE: I tried to submit this comment on their blog, but it hasn’t shown up yet. Perhaps they didn’t like the comment?

PS: is there a way to “GrandCentralize” my voicemail? this was eluded to by Craig Walker of Grandcentral on TechCrunch back in April.