Technology that impacts me

In the spirit of Scott’s recent blog post, here are the tech
items that have changed the way my day-to-day life goes.

Tivo (DVR) – I know this may be a little redundant but it’s
impact has been pretty powerful. It’s so
nice to be able to free yourself from the TV schedule and being able to watch
YOUR content when YOU want to. Yeah it’s
nice to be able to skip through some commercials, but just having the show
ready when you want to watch it is so valuable.
In fact, I just recently switched from DirecTV to cable and if Comcast
dind’t have a DVR, I wouldn’t have switched.
Actually I *hate* the Comcast DVR and when Tivo actually comes out with
an HD Tivo that isn’t $500+, I’ll buy one and kick Comcast’s piece of crap to
the curb.

VoIP (Internet telephony).

VoIP replaced my conventional landline about 2 years ago. I have had both Packet8 and Sunrocket. I was lucky enough to get Sunrocket last year

for $199 for 2 years. That works out to
be like 8 bucks a month. It’s so
liberating to be able to call someone whether they’re across the street, a
couple of towns away, or across the country.
No toll charges, included CallerID, Call Waiting, etc – sign me up!

iPod. The only reason I even listen to any radio nowadays is for news and traffic when I’m driving. Otherwise I have my iPod on. Again it’s awesome to have *my* content on *my* schedule.

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