I Reached the Beach and it was awesome!

Yesterday I rode in Reach the Beach, a great fundraiser for the American Lung Association of Oregon to fight lung disease. I rode with my brother Sean and 8 of his buddies. We all stuck together throughout the 36 mile mountain biking course.

Reach the Beach

We left Grand Ronde, Oregon at about 9:45. The beginning of the ride (about 7 miles) is on-road and then you go off-road on logging roads for a uphill-downhill-uphill mountain course. After meandering through the woods, you end up on 101 for the final 10 or so miles into Pacific City. The ride is beautiful as you wander alongside the Nesctucca River through lush and dense forest. The 9 of us has a wonderful time hanging out and experiencing this together.

My wonderful wife met me at the end and we all enjoyed a great meal and beer to cap off

a wonderful day. It was SO much fun and it really meant a lot to be biking for such a great cause with my brother. I can’t wait for Reach the Beach 2008!

Check out my photoset for more photos.

9 comments on “I Reached the Beach and it was awesome!
  1. Congrats on the ride, looks like you had a great time! I really enjoyed the pictures of the off-road portion as I was really curious to see what the trails would look like.

    After completing the race are you going to continue riding every week?

  2. Hey bro, yeah it was a great ride and I want to do the Gorge one too. I’ll see if I can get the day off. However, you might want to edit the post as we’ve already done the Reach the Beach 2007. I know I can’t wait until Reach the Beach 2008. I think we’ll kick some ass just like we did this year.

    BTW, thanks for putting up the pics of me when I ate it. I had a damn good excuse for tasting the forest floor, thank you very much. Next year I’m hoping to have a sweet bike to ride. Gotta love tax returns.

  3. Sean,
    watching you eat it and taking photos and posting them on the web was the highlight of the whole day! Thanks for making that fun possible 🙂

    Michael. Yeah i’m still riding (going today actually)…I have the Gorge Ride to get ready for now!

  4. I know it’s a little late but better late than never, CONGRATS! you rule and who knows, maybe by next year I will learn how to ride a bike and maybe Michael and I can join you 🙂

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