Gearing up for Reach The Beach!

 Accounttempfiles  Account12826 Images Rtb-Logo-Trans-BlueMy training in preparation for Reach The Beach is going very well. I am *really* enjoying getting out on my bike and going for longer and longer training rides. I’m lucky to live on the edge of town which puts me very close to some amazing country roads that make for wonderful rides. I ride by hundreds of cows, lots of Alpacas, and the other day I was surprised to see a deer cross the road right in front of me. I have been faithfully biking 3-4 times a week and I’ve kicked it up to 30-35 miles with a nasty hill at the end. I live at the top of a hill that is roughly a 400 foot ascent in less than 3 miles. It’s great practice for the ride – which is only two weeks away from today! Yikes!

My fundraising is going pretty well also. To date I’ve raised $290. I’d love to be able to raise some more before the race, so if you’re interested in donating please see the previous RTB entry.

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