What I’m presently excited about

There are so many things that excite me in the tech world, but currently my spotlight is on:

  • OpenID – I’m so anxious for some of the big boys to start adopting this single sign-on system. Digg just announced their support of it. Welcome to the club 🙂
  • GrandCentral – this disruptive technology essentially takes your voicemail box and makes it very similar to email. Route all your calls to this one number and grandcentral takes care of the rest
  • VoIP in general – after going VoIP at home, you realize that talk is cheap and that voice should just be another application that uses the internet to deliver it’s services. At work, we’re putting in a VoIP system and I think people will be really impressed with how VoIP will integrate with the rest of the communications pie. Being able to check voicemails in Outlook? That’ll turn heads.
  • Twitter – this system has been a rockstar at SXSW and across the net lately. People have finally been turned on to the idea of communication in real time with others. I’m having problems though in getting new people to see the value in twitter – especially in my non-techie friends.
  • Gadgets – I still am playing with my new camera, the canon sd800 and playing with all it’s features. I’m so excited about it – the SD800IS is a huge step up from my old Powershot A80. Also I’m still loving my Vizio GV47L – a beautiful TV from Vizio.

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