so what’s this twitter and what’s it all about?

I’ve become hooked on a new product called Twitter?  What is it, you may ask?

It’s basically a way to communicate with your friends no matter where they are.  You can add your IM or SMS so that you can receive messages wherever you want.  You can even make it so that if you’re on IM, the messages to there and when you sign out they go to your phone.

Think of it as blogging meets IM.  It’s very cool.  Twitter is also a great way for friends to keep in touch and up to date with what they’re doing.  For instance if you want to go to a bar you could twitter “Going to McMenamins – be there in 20 minute”

There has been alot of press and blog action regarding twitter lately, including this SF Chronicle article

If you want to join me on twitter I’m

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