LinkedIn: What value does it offer?

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. So I’m a LinkedIn member and have been for about two years since a buddy told me about it. I have lots of contacts on LinkedIn including former friends, college friends, co-workers, managers and the like. I’m very excited about the concept: to stay in contact with people after you move away from an area or a job.However, I don’t understand what LinkedIn is about. What value does it represent to the average working person? Social networks such as facebook or myspace give you away to interact and converse with your contacts, but linkedin doesn’t. I can’t easily email my contacts or share photos or anything.

The only person or group of people I can tell would benefit from LinkedIn are professional recruiters. Actually now that I think of it job hunters could use Linkedin to apply for positions. But if I’m not job hunting – what is LinkedIn all about?

I’m writing this post not to criticize, but to hopefully have someone educate me on what LinkedIn represents. Please leave a comment below.

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