i love yelp!

yelp.JPGRecently the wife and I were in Seattle and while we’re very familiar with the area, we were looking for somewhere new to eat.

Luckily I had my trusty macbook with me and I googled for some options. The first link for a breakfast place was this one.

is exactly what you want when looking for a new restaurant experience whether you’re visiting a town or a normal resident seeking something new. The site is easy to navigate, looks good, and has very useful information including maps, phone numbers, and a useful link to send the address/phone number of a business to your cell phone. Most importantly people can leave reviews and ratings on the businesses, giving you a ‘real world’ review from normal people.

I live in a town that Yelp doesn’t have much of a foothold in. Of couse, my town isn’t as internet savvy as Seattle. But hopefully more of my townsfolk will log in to Yelp and make it an invaluable tool where I live also!

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