GrandCentral should leverage this feature from Jaxtr

In reading this article on TechCrunch about Jaxtr (whew that’s a lot of links), I saw something that caught my interest.

I’ve been very interested in a company that is similar to Jaxtr called GrandCentral. One of the complaints and major barriers to major adoption of GrandCentral is it’s inability to process text messages (SMS).

Then I read this about Jaxtr on techcrunch:

“Jaxtr also allows people to send the publisher a text message or just send them a voicemail directly (text messages and voicemails are administered on the Jaxtr site, not on your phone). Jaxtr never discloses the call recipient’s phone number so you can install a widget without ever exposing personal information. Users can also block callers or specify on a per-caller basis which callers can reach them live and which get routed to voice mail.”

It would be cool if we could do this with GrandCentral. One way to implement this would build some functionality where if a text message was received, GrandCentral would forward the txt to a mobile that the user specifies in their user profile (the same place where numbers are put in on the back end now). Basically GrandCentral would act as a gateway for the SMS message.

Just an idea!

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