Deepfish: Microsoft’s amazing new mobile web browser

Microsoft is making waves in the mobile community because of their fantastic new mobile browser called Deepfish.

How is Deepfish different?

Most mobile browsers on cell phones fit the contents of a webpage onto a mobile’s tiny screen.  In other words, it squishes the content into columns, making the webpage very hard to read and adding to the cumbersome of mobile web browsing.  Deepfish makes the website render the website in its entirety and allows the user to zoom into the area they want to see.  It’s very slick.

Check out this video for more detail.  It’s exciting to see such a wonderful product come out of Microsoft Live Labs.  Deepfish is being released in private beta and is only available on Windows Mobile 5.0 and above.

Another informative article.

EDIT: My buddy Josh just posted a great video demonstrating the usability of Deepfish on his Cingular 8525.

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