Trying out SmartPhones – Verizon Wireless, are you listening?!

I’ve been messing around with the idea of getting a Smart Phone. Recently, I was given a Treo 600. While it has some good features, it also is roughly 5 years old. It has no Bluetooth and no EV-DO and the resolution stinks. Plus I’ve had to restart the thing 3 times in 2 days after hard freezes.

However, having a Treo has taught me two things 1) I REALLY want to have a Smart Phone (SMSing is better, contact lists are better, and I like having more info on one screen!) and 2) the Treo 600 is not the one for me.

So here’s my idea: Verizon Wireless should let me test drive a BlackBerry and a Motorola Q (or some other PocketPC Device) and in return, I’ll grade them and post in-depth reviews right here on the blog.

Why not try to make evangelists the old fashioned way (through word of mouth) in the new medium (blogs)? I think it’s a great idea – similar to Sprint’s Ambassadors program.

I’m all for trying out any other smart phone on another network – but I’m currently on Verizon, so I thought I’d ping them first.

I’m very easy to get ahold of – my phone number is on the right hand column of this blog and my email address is jason <at> techcraver <dawt> com

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