Techcraver – now OpenID enabled!

I’ve seen a lot of blog press lately about this new fangled thing called OpenID. An old acquaintance of mine, Scott Kveton, has been passionate about OpenID and is heading up a company called JanRain who is are the forefront of the OpenID movement.

What the heck is OpenID?

Well basically it’s a way to sign on to multiple sites using ONE login/password. In my case – my url is my login. It’s kind of like Passport
which Microsoft was trying to push a long time ago – one login for the web.

Why should I care?

Well how many accounts do you have on the web?

Me, I have hundreds. One on yahoo, one on google, one on every other stinkin site that requires registration. OpenID allows you to use your web address as a login/password combination and the information is kept at one location. Anyone with a domain name
or blog can register and get started with OpenID

Techcraver isn’t the only site that supports OpenID –,, and soon will support it. Microsoft just made an announcement that they’re going to make an effort to support it. So OpenID is about to become a very big deal.

So use your OpenID if you want when you leave a comment on
this blog!

I urge all wordpress bloggers look into supporting OpenID on their blogs – if we don’t start using it, how can we expect others to get on the bandwagon?


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8 comments on “Techcraver – now OpenID enabled!
  1. I think there’s a problem with your OpenID system…
    Whenever I try to comment, I get presented with a WordPress login screen. And no OpenID field.

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