Smarty Smart SmartPhone! The Treo 750!

This coming weekend means the CES 2007 is about to start!  According to Engadget, the Treo 750 is about to be released!  Unfortunately I am chained to Verizon Wireless (stupid service contracts!), but this Cingular phone is pretty sweet if the specs come true.

  • HDSPA support (high speed data)
  • Windows Mobile
  • Wi-Fi
  • Nice and thin!

No word on actually release date or price, but this is worth drueling for.  I’d love to have a mobile that has both wi-fi and some other high speed data.  You could skype part of the time and talk on your regular minutes when you don’t have access to wi-fi!

Anyone at Verizon Wireless wanna give me a free Motorola Q to shut me up?

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