New TV! Back to Comcast; Thanks a lot KATU and KOIN!

Well I finally got my TV. Yes I bit the bullet and bought a 47″ Vizio GV47L. The TV is beautiful. Standard def (regular) broadcasts are a little muddled – which is to be expexcted; but High def programming looks amazing!

Much to my shagrin, I had to ditch DirecTV. In my local area (Portland, OR), they only offer the local NBC and Fox affiliates in HD. CBS (KOIN) and ABC (KATU) are not offered by DirecTV. I submitted a waiver to get the LA (high def) feeds so I could watch primetime shows in HDTV, but both KOIN and KATU denied my request (which was all handled by DirecTV). I don’t get it. Why be a nazi like that? If there’s anyone who has any insight into how this HDTV – Satellite relationship works, please chime in.

So long story short – I had to go back to Comcast. Their DVR sucks compared to my Tivo I had with DirecTV. Hopefully Comcast will adopt Tivo’s UI soon. But one plus is that I got a cable modem which is much faster than the DSL I had before this.