MacPhone, iPhone, iMobile — what does it all mean!?

So MacWorld is coming up.  There are a ton of rumors about who might be carrying the phone, what the features are going to be – blah blah blah.

To try and figure out what apple will do next is like trying to predict the weather. 

My hope is that they’d launch it for Verizon (since I’m on Verizon), but they probably won’t.  GSM provides more marketing opportunity worldwide.

If they put a phone out – I’ll probably switch to whomever they launch it on when I get out of my contract with Verizon.

My hope is that there is a shift in the mobile phone market here in the US.  I like the European model where you buy a phone and get to choose your provider.  I’d be willing to spend more on a phone if it didn’t mean being tied to one carrier or another.  I’d gladly spend $200 and not have the phone subsidized by Verizon, Cingular, and the like.

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2 comments on “MacPhone, iPhone, iMobile — what does it all mean!?
  1. I also hope that they sell it independent of any provider. I feel that there is a good chance of this because the cell phone industry has such poor customer satisfaction and I don’t think apple would want to align themselves with that bad vibe.

    Furthermore, I hope that it is independent because I have no intention or desire to switch from T-mobile as they have treated me good for around 5 years and in my opinion are ahead of the curve for the US market.

  2. my opinion is that,i hope they will be able to give some consideration to customers who trying to find good ways of communication but spend lowcost call rates and easy to manage the unit/phone either voip or not.

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