A Vizio 1080p tv for under $2,000. Sign me up!

I’ve been holding out on buying a new TV for news exactly like this. Vizio is going to soon release a 47″ sub-$2000 LCD. Hold on while I wipe the druel from my chin.

OK I’m back.

Anyways – I was looking at the GV42L but this new mystery box might be right up my alley.

Here’s a pic:

Post from Engadget HDÂ

3 comments on “A Vizio 1080p tv for under $2,000. Sign me up!
  1. Some friends of ours researched tv’s for a while and found a 1080p Westinghouse 47″ LCD to be the best deal. They ended up finding it at best buy for around $1600. I have watched many shows and movies on this TV and am very impressed, I also like the stand that it comes with, very simple and clean. If you are considering a HD tv it is worth looking into. Also, I recently saw that it got good ratings in Consumer Reports and was the lowest priced.


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