The dinosaur tries another way to lure people back.

I’ve been a netflix customer for more than 2 years.  I couldn’t imagine going back to the old way of ‘renting’ movies at Blockbuster, it just seems like a waste of time.  True there are trade offs and every now and then I’d like to just go and get a movie and watch it in the same night, but hey – I feel like I’d be cheating on my beloved Netflix.

Now I read that they are allowing you to return your movies at the local store.  Maybe this will draw more people in to Blockbuster’s crappy movie by mail service.  Me?  I’m sticking with the market leader…

4 comments on “The dinosaur tries another way to lure people back.
  1. I went into Blockbuster with a friend a few weeks ago and only then did I realize I haven’t been in a movie rental store in like 5 years. Netflix rules!! How can you do anything else after experiencing the greatness that is netflix movies by mail. I love your blog, it look rad-a-matastic!

  2. I used to HATE going to the movie store more then just about anything. When you are at a movie store all that you want to do is be laying on the couch relaxing, not reading box after box, standing in lines, being asked to join blah blah gimmick blah, etc. Netflix saved us from this hell and for that I will always be loyal and grateful!

    Now I just with I could netflix everything else in my life. Next on my list would be Netflix for food, aka foodpix.

  3. I totally agree, Netflix makes life so much easier. No more driving to the video store, searching around for the movies you want, and waiting in sometimes long lines. Just knowing that I put a movie on my Netflix queue and it gets mailed to me as soon as it is available definitely beats returning to the video store for a movie that wasn’t originally in stock when I was there. I can’t see renting movies any other way.

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