tech privacy being violated, huh?!

While perusing the interwebs, I found this very interesting story about how a worker felt her privacy was violated while the company she worked for monitored her online activity.

I can’t believe this train of thought. When you are at work (whether it be a company or government agency) you are using the company’s computer and their bandwidth. They pay for these resources for you to do your job. It’s true you may have lunch time or whatever to do personal surfing and what not but you should always assume someone is watching everything you do. It’s their right to do so!

Recent lessons in Internet law have showed us that the one footing the bill for the Internet access is liable for use on that network. So if someone uses your bandwidth to download illegal content (such as the RIAA has shown us lately), you’re on the hook. Court battles have yet to show us how these cases will shake out.
With the nature of the internet, users assume there’s a level of anonymity. Well there isn’t. Everything you do on the internet is trackable no matter who you are or how you’re connecting.

Ok I’m taking a step back from my soap box

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