I’m inventing a new word

ya know how when you call a radio show or are on TV and you give a ‘shout-out’. well this is a BlogOut for my bud Michael. that’s right – i just copyrighted a new word – BlogOut. You can use it if you want, for 50 cents per use. Make checks out to me. Thanks.

My buddy Michael is starting his new job at a new company today and I’m totally stoked for him. It’s a big move for him as he’s moving away from family and his awesome girlfriend, but it’s only short term (being away from Laycie).

Way to go, Mike! Let me know how your first day is!

2 comments on “I’m inventing a new word
  1. Awww! Jason you’re so rad!! I am totally going to use BlogOut all the time, watch for the checks in the mail. You know, you had a lot to do with our decision in this whole little adventure Michael is taking. Thanks for your great advice and words of wisdom!!

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