HDTV and me

I’ve been wanting an HDTV for a little over a year. I was working at a projector company and was leaning this way but there are too many issues. Mainly all the wires dragged across the floor and that my room has too much light in the room I watch TV in.

So I’ve been looking at Plasmas and LCDs at Costco (I love you costco!). Currently I’m looking at the Vizio GV42L. Cnet has a pretty good write up on it and I know someone who has it – and it looks great at their house.

I’m looking for opinions – since most affordable (sub $2000) LCDs are still 720p models – should I wait for 1080p to come down in price? I don’t want to regret my purchase 2 months after I pull the trigger.

UPDATE: shortly after this post went to press, I see this article on Cnet: The case against 1080p