gchat+gtalk only seems to work when you don’t connect with https://

ok so I’m still waiting for google talk to magically show up in my primary gmail account.

But one thing I’ve noticed in an account that has been blessed by google is that if you connect to https://mail.google.com – the chat functionality doesn’t show up. but if you go to plain ol’ http://mail.google.com and log in- the chat does show up.

So from my experience, it looks like if you’re willing to not have SSL all the time in google mail, you can gtalk in the browser.

Kind of a bummer, or is it a bug?

NOTE: this was observed on Firefox on Mac OS X

4 comments on “gchat+gtalk only seems to work when you don’t connect with https://
  1. I found that same thing. I was wondering why it was working fine when I used IE at school bit wasn’t showing up when I installed Firefox. That was the reason

  2. how do i get to http version? i tried typing it in, it still reverts to https. i tried changing setting to “don’t always use https”, the address always goed to https that’s crossed out (due to my VPN connection most likely). just want to use chat again, not sure why it stopped working.

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