HootSuite is too restrictive, here’s why

I’m a corporate community manager and I enjoy using a Twitter client that helps me manage multiple Twitter accounts – my various personal and professional ones.

I used to use TweetDeck, but since the AIR app was shut down months ago, the web app just doesn’t do it for me.  Recently, I switched to HootSuite and was very happy, until recently.

You see, to enhance my Twitter usage, I use bit.ly to shorten and track clicks on links I tweet out.  Also, for images, I really like using pic.twitter.com or Flickr – because I want to control where my images go – I don’t like them going to some third-party service.

HootSuite is too proprietary

So, for sharing links on Twitter – when I go to HootSuite, they force me to use their ow.ly shortener.  I’ve tried to find a way to use my bit.ly profile, but no such option exists.  Other third-party services do, such as Tweetdeck and Buffer – so I’m not sure why HootSuite forces me to use Ow.ly.  I can shorten the link in bit.ly and then insert it into HootSuite, but that’s a lot of work.

Let’s switch gears to images.  I like to tweet images with my tweets for my corporate client..images make the tweets more engaging. However, again, HootSuite forces me to use Ow.ly for image embedding.  When I go to ‘Promote’ the tweet in my clients’ Twitter profile, the image doesn’t get expanded from ow.ly because they don’t support Twitter Cards…again..annoying.

Let me use my own Twitter image host and let me use my own URL shortener!  If HootSuites wants to make this a premium feature, so be it.

So, for now, I’m searching for a new Twitter client – what do you suggest?