Sonos Releases Android Controller Application

Sonos announced their intent to build a controller application for Android months ago. This welcome news comes to Android users who want to utilize their phone to control music throughout their house, much like iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch users can do now. The Android app has been released and is not available in the Android Market.

To check out the application, you must have an Android phone running Android 2.1 or better with a screen size of HVGA 320×480 or better. You can use the Android application at the same time as your iPad or iPhone controller, or even alongside the app on your PC or Mac.

I tested the application on my T-Mobile G2 last night and I was  blown away. I’m used to Android applications that don’t look or act as fluid as the iOS counterparts.  However, Sonos has created a beautiful and functional application that gives me full control over my S5 boombox and ZonePlayer hooked up to my main stereo system. Companies who release Android applications should reference Sonos Controller to see how Android apps should look and act.

In Other News

In other news, Sonos released version 3.4 of the Sonos System Software that brings support for Apple AirPlay, iOS multi-tasking and more.  For further information, check out their Software Release Notes.