Sonos Launches App For Android, Launches In March

Great news for Sonos lovers (like me!) who also happen to be Android device users.  Everyone’s favorite Interenet connected sound system will soon have an Android app to control their music all throughout the house – or wherever you have a Sonos system set up.

For those unfamiliar, Sonos makes an amazing Internet-connected speaker called the S5.  What’s special about being connected via your network? With Sonos, you can access any music on your local computer (think streaming all your iTunes music – or just plain mp3 collection anywhere in your house) or any internet radio stream from anywhere in the world.

For example, I listen to Pandora, Last.FM, my local music and local Portland stations such as our NPR station and local rock stations.  Also, at my disposal, I have stations from all over the world including London, Israel and others.

Sonos already has an amazing controller app for iPhones and an even better one for my iPad, but sometimes it’s more handy to pull out my phone and control music – especially when my 3 year old daughter wants to hear “Wheels on the Bus” or my wife wants me to stream some Jack Johnson off Pandora.

For the last year, I have been using Andronos, which is an independently-developed Android app by a 3rd party developer.  However, an official client from Sonos is a much welcome addition.