Skype Video Calling on The N900 via T-Mobile 3G

I have had the Nokia N900 for a few months now, and as I’ve said before, one asset to this phone is the ability to make Skype calls (all via data) to anyone in the world via Skype.

Today, the PR 1.2 Firmware was released to UK N900 users.  We U.S. users are not getting the update until tomorrow via Over The Air updates.  However, if you’re brave enough to download the files and flash your device manually, you can do this today.

One new feature of PR 1.2 is the ability to make video Skype calls using the front-facing camera that the N900 sports.  I made such a call to my friend Jim Courtney in Toronto, Ontario.  After a few tries and a reset, the call went through.  I sent Jim video and received his.

The quality was a overall quite acceptable..  The video froze for a few seconds every now and then, but was definitely acceptable considering the call was being made via a 3G network.

To my knowledge, this is the first video call done over Skype on a mobile phone over 3G in the US.

This goes to show how much innovation comes out of Skype and Nokia..a huge feat as far as I’m concerned!

22 comments on “Skype Video Calling on The N900 via T-Mobile 3G
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  4. i need some help!!! how can u make a video call through skype on da n900… i have updated to pr1.2…. but i still can’t make skype video call…. or maybe i m missing something.. plz help!

  5. nokia n900 is very diffcult to use. i dont know how to use video call on nokia n900.plz inform us my email.

  6. How do you do a skype video call on the N900? I have mine and my friend has video calling enabled however I am unable to select video call from his contact card still… (I just see skype call and skype IM

    Running PR 1.2… Any ideas? TMobile US


  7. While Skype is enabled and signed-in…chose a Skype contact in the contact list. In the options where you can SMS, call, or whatever – there should be an option for Skype call. With PR 1.2, you should have the option to ‘video call’. choose this one.

  8. Hi,

    I have tried over and over again with PR 1.2 installed. I just cant find any video call option eventhough i clicked video call option in contacts menu.

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  10. To my knowledge, you have to make a Skype Video call TO the phone before this works. After that the option to make video calls FROM the phone will appear.

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  13. Its easy. Either edit a contact so that their skype id is present or add a new contact. On mine, you do a skype call and once initiated camera button appears on screen and you can select it to have video call.

    I have not ever seen video call option in contacts menu.

  14. I think Skype video call option only appears when your contact (person u r calling to) is online on a PC or LAPTOP with cam. Otherwise it will only display voice call option.

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  18. n900 is a junk no update for flashplayer and skype, skype is for call with pay not for free skype to skype video call

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