OpenID troubles

So I had OpenID enabled on this site – you could leave a comment by logging in with your OpenID.

But this morning I noticed that if you went to leave a message and typed your openid in the box, wp-comment-posts.php would error out and give the following message: Please leave a comment.

Has anyone who has used VerseLogic’s OpenID plugin seen this – have any ideas? If so please email me or leave a comment on this post.

I am really bummed and would love to get this functionality working again.

EDIT: – it appears to be working right – my procedure for use was wrong :)Â

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  • Testing!

  • The plugin works fine with URL OpenIDs. It really falls apart when it comes to i-names.

  • The plugin works fine with URL OpenIDs.

    It completely falls apart when it comes to i-names.

  • Test

  • Hm…worked with my i-name.

  • Hello,
    it´s good to see that you are one of the early adopters who has implemented OpenID on his site and if this comment shows up, it works great :).
    I would like to spread the word about this emerging technology and have submitted your site to “The OpenID Directory“. I hope this is fine for you.
    Thanks and keep up the good work!
    Thomas Huhn

  • jason

    Thomas – yes it’s fine – thank you very much!

    I really believe in the concept of OpenID. I hope the big boys hurry up and adopt it so i can use it on a wide-spread basis.