when the crave goes too far

When does our addiction to tech and our need to stay connected go too far? When your kids grow to resent your actions.

The Wall Street Journal recently profiled children of parents who own BlackBerrys and other devices (such as Treos). These kids feel neglected and put-off by their parents who are constantly emailing and text messaging their co-workers. One young child flushed his Mom’s crackberry down the toilet! Classic.

Even though we love tech, sometimes it’s best to put off the fascination and enjoy the rest of our lives! Do it for the children!

  • Michael

    I am starting to feel like the more tech I learn and the more tech I am resonsible for at work, the less I want to deal with it in my spare/personal time. It really feels great to come home and just not touch the computer sometimes. Do you ever feel like this?

  • jason

    sometimes. but the time I get to geek out at work is typically for the benefit of the company I work for. When I get home – I want to check all the sites I’m interested in and crave my own tech.