Smart Phones

Anyone own a smart phone? I’ve been looking hard at the Blackberry Pearl, pictured below. But I’m stuck with Verizon (read: their phones aren’t as cool). The other bad thing is that Verizon charges $60/month for data access…something I’m not too sure about. It’d be great to be able to email/text people whenever I want, but $60/month for that luxury? heh no thanks.

but the new phones do look purdy

  • Michael

    Why are you stuck with Verizon? Get t-mobile it rules!

  • Man, I wouldn’t go t-mobile. I’ve had friends who have really bad coverage and sound like crap when they call me from a t-mobile phone.

    If I ever left Verizon (phone suck, but coverage/service rules) – I’d go cingular!