Christmas Gifts – what’d y’all get?

Now that the gift-giving holiday is over – what did you all get?

What I already got:

A buddy of mine gave me two great software packages for my Mac – OmniGraffle and OmniOutliner Pro. Look for a full review in the coming weeks!

What I am getting soon:

As I stated before, I’m getting a TV soon. In addition, I’ve settled on a camera. I’m going to either get a SD700 or an SD800 – depending on price. I almost bought one about 2 weeks ago but the prices have gone up! I’m hoping the prices drop during a post-holiday sale or something.

So, what’d y’all get?

  • Michael

    Lace got the SD630 and it is big pimpin. It has no viewfinder just a fatty screen and looks awesome and is cheap at What is the deal with the sd700 and sd800?

    I got some sony MDR-v700DJ Headphones that I have wanted forever and a sweet remote controlled VW Bus that plays MP3’s from its bumpin stereo system.

    Soon I will be getting a new Apple cell phone for Lace and myself at the upcoming Macwold!

  • jason

    So the deal with the SD700/800 is that it has an image stabilizer. One thing I’ve learned is that flash often ruins indoor shots by making everyone over exposed and stuff. With the IS, you can take low-light photos at higher ISO rates without much of the blur and noise.

    I got an awesome ping pong table too!!!

    if they’re handing them out like candy (which is how it works, right? 🙂 ) – get me an iMobile too.!

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